Trumbold Families

Although named the Trumbold Families, this site presents research from both my father's side (Trumbold, Bradney, Nokes, Ritter, Twombly) and my mother's side (Baker, Coffield, Darne, Boone, Scholl, Stull).


Through years of investigation in dusty county courthouses, archives, and local libraries, members of my family have discovered the information in these pages.  Most is supported by documents (wills, deeds, books, other family histories and census records).  Each person has a story of how they came to settle mostly in sparsely populated communities to try their hand at farming in New Hampshire, Vermont, Iowa, Kentucky, Illinois, and Missouri.


I am publishing this Website to help colleagues searching for their relatives, to correct some information found in other resources, and to beg for related information from other researchers of my families.  My chief difficulty at this point is tracing ancestors to their primarily English and German birthplaces.  I especially appreciate the work other researchers are doing in locating original documents and putting the information on the Internet.

This is a work-in-progress based on information from Family Tree MakerTM software and does not list details of living individuals.  Thank you for your interest in our families and for visiting this site.  I welcome your feedback and input. 

Carol Trumbold