Trumbold Families

The Boone Family


Because the Boone family's extensive genealogy has been documented by Helen Atterbury Spraker in The Boone Family, I will not delve into that in these pages.  Boone descendants are well aware of this resource and others including stories found in Jess M. Thompson's Pike County [Illinois] History.


My direct line is shown below and more details from Daniel Boone down will be shown in the following pages:


George Boone                                                                         England


George Boone [2]                                                                   England


George Boone [3]                  1666-1744       78 years           England to PA 


Squire Boone [4]                    1696-1765       69 years           to PA - VA - NC


Daniel Boone[5]                     1734-1820       85 years           PA -NC-KY-MO 


Levina Scholl[6]                     1766-1802       36 years           NC to Kentucky

   m. Joseph Scholl                  1755-1835       80 years           Virginia to KY


Joseph Scholl II[7]                 1800-1884       84 years           KY to Missouri


Joseph Reece Scholl[8]          1850-1931       81 years           Missouri


John Boone Scholl[9]             1888-1963       75 years           Missouri


Mary Belle Scholl [10]            1924-2000       76 years           Missouri to Illinois

   m. Donald Trumbold           1919-


Carol Trumbold [11]               1950-                                        IL to MO to IL


There are several items of interest in this history.  

  •  My line is one of the closest to Daniel Boone because my ancestors were born later in the life of their parents (George was 30 when Squire was born; Squire was 38 when Daniel was born; Daniel was 32 when Levina was born; Levina was 34 when Joseph was born, Joseph was 50 when Joseph II was born; Joseph II was 50 when Joseph Reece was born; Joseph R. was 38 when John Boone was born; John was 36 when Mary Belle was born.
  • My ancestors generally led long lives.  Except for Levina Boone Scholl, the average age is just over 78 years.  This is especially noteworthy given their pioneering life styles and the general life expectancy in the 1700-1800s.  Women often died younger than the men as shown in the list above and in the wives not on this list.
  • The Boones had a fairly typical American migration pattern.  The tale begins in Europe (probably France), moves to England for many generations.  From England, they were early settlers in Pennsylvania (1700s).  Then, beginning in about 1750, they rapidly moved west through the frontiers - first to North Carolina in the 1750s, then Kentucky in the 1770s, then to the Midwest (Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio) in the 1780s-1800s.  By the 1840s, Boones were headed for the West Coast.
  • The Boones migrated in family groups and most often included extended family members (Morgans, Bryans, Scholls, Lincolns).

Like all Boone descendants, I am still searching for more details on these ancestors and their spouses.  Information on the women is not often documented in the early years so there is much conjecture based on documents we can find.  I appreciate the research done with original documents that has been done to expand our understanding of their story.