Trumbold Families

William Twombly


William was born to William and Mary Twombly on July 15, 1717, as recorded in the First Church Records of Dover, New Hampshire.  Several records show July 25, rather than July 15, 1717, as William's birth date (perhaps one is the old style date). 


He married Mary Heard, daughter of James and Deborah Heard by 1749.  Mary was born about 1717 and was apparently baptized with her family on September 28, 1718, by Reverend Jonathon Cushing at First Church in Dover, NH1.  Her family included sister, Lydia Heard, baptized August 14, 1720; sister Phebe, baptized on December 15, 1723; Benjamin and Deborah baptized with Mary on September 28, 1718.

They had the following children2:


Joshua, born 1750

John, born November 24, 1755




According to Early Marriages in Strafford County NH3, William " had a Garrison on the spot where Deac. Willey lives at Littleworth."  This garrison is identified on a map4 as being in what is now the northwest corner of Madbury.  Twomblys continued to live on this site until at least 1882 although history5 notes that Nathaniel Twombly tore down the garrison in 1842.


William inherited land  in Madbury on which he had been living and also inherited one-sixth of the timberland in Barrington, one-third of the livestock, and one-fourth of the land in Rochester according to his father's will (1763)6.


On April 24, 1784, William Twombly, yeoman of the Parish of Madbury, sold to John Twombly (also of Madbury) for 550 pounds 1/2 of 218 acres "laying in Madbury on the south side of the main road that leads from Cochecho to Barrington where I now live, the said land was given to me in and by the last Will & Testament of my Honored Father William Twombly late of Dover deceased"7.  I assume that this John is William’s son.  On March 28, 1791, this William appeared before the judge to declare the deed was a free act of will.  Hepzibah Twombly and Isaac Canney are witnesses.


There is a Mary who died August 21, 1783, in Dover, NH8.  Perhaps this could be the Mary of this profile.




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