Trumbold Families

The German Origin



It is likely that Johan G. Trumbold (Trumpold, Trompelt?) came from around the Zwickau area in Saxony, an area in what used to be in East Germany. This is approximately 30 miles from Leipzig and 40 miles from Dresden. Most of the family oral tradition, whether from the Charles F. or Augustus C. families, spoke of the family home as "near Dresden".

There are no documents that I have found to definitively locate where the Trumbolds lived in Germany. Charles Fredrick's marriage license (dated November 1, 1883) states that he was born in "Saxion, Wimar, Germany". Weimar is actually in the province of Thuringen, not Saxony. Could he have meant Werdau?


Emma Trumbold Meyer's obituary published in 1923 says that she was born in Gralba, Saxony Germany. Again, even in indexes to mid-nineteenth century maps, there is no Gralba listed. The closest phonetic name is Kroelpa, located about 40 kilometers west of Zwickau.


The Trumpold names listed in the IGI are all from the following towns within 10 kilometers of Zwickau, Saxony, Germany with the exception of two from Bayern, Oberbayern, Bad Toelz:

Reuss-Aeltere-Linie, Fraureuth (this area in now in Thuringen and has by far the most Trompelts listed)

Sachsen, Zwickau,









The Trompelt name is shown in the towns above and in Sachsen,






Zwickau is about 62 kilometers directly south of Leipzig and about 100 kilometers southwest of Dresden.

Zwickau, near Dresden, Germany