Trumbold Families

John Twombly


The Family History Center records show that John was born in 1662 to Ralph Twombly.  The date I am using for John's birth is from Early Marriages in Strafford County NH1 which also records his two marriages.  John Twomley married Mary Kenney (sic) on April 18, 1687, and Rachel Allin(sic) on October 3, 1692, according to the list of "Marriages by Rev. John Pike, 1686-1709"2. 


John was still living at home upon his father's death in 1684/5 according to the father's (Ralph's) will3.   The home appears to be the same land attributed to his father, Ralph, in Dover Neck.


Much of the information about John's children comes from his will4.  John's will is dated July 18, 1724, and was proved on September 3, 1724, in Dover, New Hampshire.  The will names the widow and 10 children.  The marriage information is shown in Early Marriages1 and the dates are mostly approximate.


   With Mary

John, born before 1692, married Sarah Dame

Benjamin (Ensign), born before 1692, married Hannah Evans

   With Rachel

William, born about 1693, married (1) Mary Ricker and (2) Abigail Evans Hayes

Sarah, born after 1692, married Gershon Wentworth

Mary, born after 1692

Rachel, born after 1692

Esther, born after 1692

Hannah, born after 1692

Joseph, born about 1697

Samuel, born March 10, 1697/985, married Judith Hanson


  He apparently had over 40 acres of land --  


            20 acres at Littleworth in the Ash swamp to his son, John;            

            20 acres "lying above the Malligo River to his son, Samuel;  

            half of his home farm divided between sons, Joseph and Samuel;      

the other half of his homestead split between his wife, Rachel, and his

son, William, and upon his mother's, Elizabeth's, death to be inherited

by William.                                          


The homestead is described as "lying on the southerly side of the road leading down to Joseph Hansons and so unto the Neck".  This seems to be the land that Ralph was granted around 1656.  Joseph and Samuel were to share the tract of land on the northerly side of the aforesaid road going down to the Neck. 


Rachel and Joseph, John's son, were the executors of the will.  William is charged with caring for Elizabeth Twombly, John's mother, during her lifetime. [Elizabeth's will has not been found.]


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