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Joseph Stull

According to census records and the death record1, Joseph Stull was born about 1801 in Pennsylvania.


Joseph was married twice.  The Hartford, Ohio, cemetery record2 lists Hannah Stull (1806-1841) with Joseph (1801-1878), Sarah (1819-1901), and Sally (1825-1917).  Hannah is the first wife and her maiden name is shown as Haynes on Sally's death record (using information provided by Elizabeth Stull Coffield)3.  We are tempted to assume that Hannah is the daughter of Eli Haynes, owner of the adjoining farmland.


From his marriage in about 1825 until his death in 1878, Joseph lived in Hartford Township, Licking County, Ohio.  Joseph and Hannah were married about 1825 since their first child was born December 12, 1825.  Sally (born December 12, 1825), Catherine (born about 1835), and Elizabeth (born June 27, 1839) Stull were the children of Joseph and Hannah.  Sally never married and in the 1870 census is shown as "idiotic".


The 1840 Ohio census, page 88, lists

     Joseph Stull, Hartford Township, Licking County, Ohio

     1 male 30-40                      [Joseph, 39]

     2 females under 5               [Catherine and Elizabeth, 5 and 1]

     1 female 10-15                   [Sally, 15]

     1 female 30-40                   [Hannah Stull, 34]


Hannah Stull died in 1841 according to the cemetery record2.  Joseph then married Sarah Myers by the fall of 1841.  Sarah’s maiden name has been identified as Myers4.


Joseph had two more children with Sarah - George, born July 27, 1842, and Angeline, born about 1846 according to census records.  Angeline seems to have died sometime between the 1870 census and 1878.


The 1850 US census for Hartford Township, Licking County, OH, page 252b shows:

     Joseph Stults, 49, farmer, born in PA, real estate value of $1,000

     Sarah, 30, born in VA

     Sally, 22, born in OH [she was 25]

     Catharine, 15, b OH

     Elizabeth, 9, b OH [she would have been 11]

     George, 7, b OH

     Angeline, 4, b OH


The 1860 census for Ohio, page 307, shows

     Joseph Stull, 59, farmer, real estate value of $2500 and personal property of $40, born in        Pa., residing in Hartford Township, Licking County

     Sarah, 45, born in Pa.   [actual age of 41]

     Sally, 35, born in Pa.

     Catherine, 21, born in Ohio  [she would have been 25?]

     George, 16, born in O.

     Angeline, 14, born in O.


Elizabeth had already married Jacob Coffield in 1859 and is listed with him in the 1860 census.


For 1862, Joseph Stull paid taxes (state, county, township road) on $476 value in personal property in Hartford Township, Licking County.


The 1870 Ohio census, page 149, Hartford Township, Licking County lists

     Joseph Stull, 69, farmer, real estate $3000, personal property $500, born in Pa.

     Sarah, 52, born in Va.       [actual age 51?]

     Sarah, 47, born in O.         [Sally - actual age 45?] "idiotic", can't read or write

     Catherine, 32, born in O.


The 1875 atlas of Hartford Township, Licking County, shows Joseph Stull’s property being about 4 miles northwest of Hartford.  He appears to have 75 acres with the Higgins and Eli Haynes families as neighbors.


Licking County Death Records1 lists Joseph Stull, died June 15, 1878, age 77, of old age in Hartford Township.  He was born in Pennsylvania, resided in Hartford Twp. and was a farmer.  Joseph was buried in Hartford Cemetery, Co. Rd. 44, in Licking County. 


Sarah Myers Stull


Sarah Myers4 was born in 18192.  We have no information about her parents as yet.  The census records are unreliable about Sarah's birthplace - some say Pennsylvania, some say Virginia, and yet another indicates Ohio. 


Sometime between 1841 and 1844, Sarah married Joseph Stull.  Hannah, Joseph's first wife, died in 1841 and Sarah and Joseph's first child, George, was born in 1844.  They lived in Hartford, Ohio, until at least 1878, when Joseph died.


The 1880 census, page 68, shows that Sarah, 60, mother, and Sarah, 48, daughter (actually step-daughter), were living with Sarah's son, George Stull, and his family in Licking County.  Sarah #1 was born in Ohio as were her parents.  Sarah #2 (Sally?) said she was born in Ohio, her father was born in Virginia, and her mother in Pennsylvania.  Whoever gave all this information surely was guessing at ages and birth places.  Sally would have been 55.


In the 1900 Ohio census, page 184, Sarah is shown as the head of the household, born October 1819, age 80, widowed.  She was born in Va. as were her parents.  Sally, sister (actually step-daughter), still lives with her.  She is 74, born December 1825 in Ohio (as were her parents?).


Sarah's death certificate5 states that she died January 2, 1901, in Hartford Township, Licking County, which was also her place of residence.    The cause of death was paralysis (stroke?).  She was buried in Hartford Cemetery with Joseph, Joseph's first wife, Hannah, and her step-daughter, Sally.  The grave marker indicates she was born in 1819.


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