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There is some doubt about who the father and mother of our William Scholl might be.  Most believe, as do I, that it is Peter Scholl who married Sarah Colyer [see more on Sarah Colyer below] and lived in Raritan, New Jersey, and in Augusta County, Virginia, prior to moving to Kentucky alongside the Boones.  Several thoughts point in this direction.  I do not have personal experience with the original documents and have found much of this information on the Internet.


  1. There was a Peter and a William connected as father and son in Augusta County, Virginia.  William Shull, the only surviving son of Peter, and Leah sold land inherited from his father in Shenandoah County, Virginia, on August 25, 1779, to William McDowel1.  A Sarah [Peter's wife?] also signed the deed with her mark.  The timing of this sale is when the William Scholls would have followed the Boone group in the fall of 1779 to go to Kentucky.  The Scholls arrived on Christmas Day 1779 in Boonesborough and went on that day to stay with the Boones at Boone's Station. This lends credibility to the notion that this William is the son of this Peter and this William is the father of Joseph Scholl who married Levina Boone.
    1. There are records of a Peter Scholl who was in Augusta County, Virginia, from 1742 until at least 1765.  He lived on Smith's Creek west of North Mountain and had a grant of 420 acres on July 21, 17492.   In 1742 he was a Captain of the militia in Augusta County. He qualified again in 1752.  He was appointed a magistrate in 1745 when the first government of Augusta county was formed.
    2. There is a William Scholl who was appointed Captain of the Militia in Augusta County, Virginia, and qualified for that office on November 15, 17523.  Other court documents list William Scholl of Augusta County from 1747-1763 as a witness.

2.  Several families (the Lincolns and possibly the Linvilles [members of both families married into the Boone family)] also from the Winchester, Augusta County, Virginia made the trip to Kentucky with the Scholl family at the same time in the fall of 1779.  They trekked to Boonesborough through the Cumberland Gap.  The Winchester area is also where Joseph Bryan (another family closely connected to the Boones) had lived for approximately 10 years.  The Bryans had gone to Kentucky earlier than 1779 but perhaps had communicated back to family and friends about the opportunities for land. 


Another note that could explain how contacts between Scholls and Boones could have been made even before the trek to Kentucky is that Squire Boone and his family (including Daniel who would have 16 at the time) stopped near Winchester for a couple of years (1750-1752) before going on to North Carolina. 

So, if this Peter and William are father and son, what is Peter's background before Augusta County, Virginia?  Is this Peter Scholl of Augusta County the same one as documented in Raritan, New Jersey?  Peter Scholl lived in the Raritan district of New Jersey from at least 1714 to 1731, and from then there is no trace found as yet in that region.    


                                            Sarah Colyer

There is some mystery about Sarah Colyer who married Peter Scholl as well.  Spraker mentions that she was a Scotch woman and Peter's second wife1.  The Family History Center and Spraker note that Peter and Sarah had two children, Deborah in 1728 (baptized September 11, 1728) and William (Willem) in 1731 (baptized March 31, 1730/31). Record of their baptisms is found in the Harlingen Church in New Jersey.


One Collier researcher (Wade Collier) has uncovered some additional information that more definitively shows that a Sarah Colyear was married to a Peter Scholl and lived in Somerset County, NJ.  If this is our Sarah Colyer, he also then provides her lineage:


            Thomas (b abt 1576, possibly Devon, Eng; d 1647, Hingham, MS)

                        Wife Susannah (b perhaps 1591; d 1667, Hingham, Mass.)


             Moses (b about 1625, probably Eng;

d March 17, 1684/5, Woodbridge, NJ)

            Second wife, Elizabeth Bullard (d after 1690, probably Woodbridge, NJ)


       Thomas (b before June 5, 1664, Hingham, Mass.; d after 1719, probably Woodbridge, NJ)

                        Wife Hannah Dennis (b before 1672;

d about 1711, probably Woodbridge, NJ)


            Sarah (born July 2, 1705, in Woodbridge, NJ)


Another researcher, Andrew Provost, in the Calyer Family (1951) writes another background for Sarah Calyer.  Here she was �baptized May29, 1705, in the Brooklyn Dutch Church as child of Jan �Chellwer� and Sara �Luwiss�.  She married Pieter Scholl, probable son of David Scholl of Raritan, New Jersey, and grandson of Pieter Jansen Scholl and his wife, Margaretta Provost (N. Y. G&B Soc. Record Vol. X No. 3)�.  He also shows the same children for Peter and Sarah.

Her lineage in this scenario is shown as:


            Jochem (bap February 9, 1653; d 1658); Wife Magdalena Waele)


            Jacobus, (died by July 5, 1720; Wife Maria de Witt)


            Johannes (born about 1682 probably in New York City,

moved to Bushwick, Long Island in about 1700; d aft 1750);

Wife Sara Luwiss)


            Sara (baptized May 29, 1705 in Brooklyn Dutch Church)


Both agree about 1705 being the year of birth which fits with our Sarah.  I lean toward Sarah being the child of parents who lived in New Jersey when she was born in 1705.  The Long Island parents stayed there throughout their lifetimes which would make it more difficult for Sarah to meet and marry a Peter Scholl in New Jersey.